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Tuesday July 18 2023
  7:30PM doors -- music at 8:00PM
•••  21 AND OVER
$18 in advance / $23 at the door
Telekinetic Yeti
 stoner rock/doom
Stinking Lizaveta
 doom stoner metal
 sludge stoner doom metal

Telekinetic Yeti
-from Dubuque, IA
-Based out of Iowa, Telekinetic Yeti is a two-man band that delivers sonic brutality melded with psychedelic doom wizardry, forged by the worship of the almighty riff and honed by relentless touring and dedication to their craft.

Creating music as cryptically enchanting as it is heavy, you wouldn't guess that the impressive cacophony pouring out of the speakers like molten, metal syrup is being produced by only two people. Founder and guitarist Alex Baumann explains, “Originally I decided not to have a bass player purely for logistical reasons, it was just another schedule to work around, another person who’s boss could tell us we can’t tour, but then I started seeing it as a challenge, like let’s see how heavy we can make it with just two people.”

That started grabbing peoples' attention. Relentless touring and playing pretty much any club that would have them, the band set sail on their epic voyage, selling their debut album Abominable out of their van and cutting their teeth in the underground playing hundreds of shows. All the while receiving rave reviews of their live performance as well as their first release, which landed at #2 on the doom charts and stayed right there for months. The Sludgelord called the eight-song album “a f***ing monster from start to finish,” and The Obelisk, including the album in their year-end, best of list, dubbed it the “debut of the year,” and said “it could have been another band’s second or third record for the level of cohesion on display.” The video for “Stoned and Feathered” quickly racked up a few hundred thousand views and counting. It was at this time that Telekinetic Yeti caught the attention of Ozzy Osbourne bass player, Blasko, who named Abominable on his “5 favorites” list. People were starting to catch on, and soon thereafter Telekinetic Yeti would be invited to tour extensively with some of the best heavy rock bands in the business, including Clutch, Black Label Society, Red Fang and Weedeater.

Now the band finds itself in a much different, auspicious position, and with the help of famed producer Phillip Cope (Baroness, Kylesa, Damad, Black Tusk et al), Telekinetic Yeti returns with their eagerly-anticipated, second full-length album, Primordial.

With this release, the band takes their game to a whole new level. Primordial explores themes as diverse as evolution, sorcery, black magic and the contradictions of the gloriously uplifting yet simultaneously melancholic human condition. "I wanted to write something that was an appropriate intro to the album, that brought to mind an early earth setting and featured atmospheric elements as well as some droning, sparse simplicity and lyrically, simple imagery regarding the dawn of humankind and creation of the first tools." explains Baumann of the title track.

As it unfolds, the album evolves into a cathartic exploration turning themes into tangible sounds and haunting fugues. Says Baumann regarding the inspiration behind “Beast”: "This song is about wanting to escape the societal constraints that keep us on the wheel, toiling away, indefinitely. It's also about questioning authority figures, or really anyone that claims to have all the answers."

Matured songwriting, creatively brutal riffs and an exercise in monstrous tones make this listen an immersive experience taking you back to explore and appreciate the primordial ooze that we all came from. Telekinetic Yeti has partnered with stalwart Indie label, Tee Pee Records.

Stinking Lizaveta
-from Philadelpia, PA
-Stinking Lizaveta's instrumental post-rock draws as much on Sabbath as it does on Sonic Youth or Slint. By combining a stoner/doom metal edge with jazz, the precision and repetition of math rock, and the blasting assault of early Black Flag, Stinking Lizaveta -- their name is derived from a Dostoevsky character in The Brothers Karamazov -- come on with a sound all their own.

The Philadelphia trio formed in 1994 when guitar player Yanni Papadopoulos and drummer Cheshire Agusta recruited Yanni's brother, Alexi Papadopoulos, as their upright electric bass player. In 1995, the band released three 7" records, including a split with Greg Ginn's band Gone. Their insane guitar debut, ...Hopelessness and Shame, was recorded by studio guru Steve Albini in 1996, and was followed by Slaughterhouse just one year later. Their third album, III, which includes Gloria Justin on violin and John Schenk on analog keyboards, was released on Fugazi member Joe Lally's Tolotta Records in 2001. 2004 saw the release of Caught Between Worlds via At a Loss Recordings in the U.S. and Monotreme Records in U.K. and Europe, and in 2007 they issued their fifth studio long-player the hard-hitting Scream of the Iron Iconoclast, which saw the trio reuniting with Steve Albini. The adventurous Sacrifice and Bliss arrived in 2009, followed by the Translation Loss-issued 7th Direction in 2012, and Journey to the Underworld in 2017. ~ Charles Spano, Rovi

-from Brooklyn, NY
Among other hustles, hitting the pavement and providing a cannabis delivery service was one of the main catalysts in SOMNURI ’s infant stages and a DIY ethos was adopted early on. The grind it takes just to survive in New York City seeps into their music and it’s hard not to hear elements of the city throughout: sludge, atmosphere, and at times brutal dissonance, layered with po unding and entrancing rhythms and low - end frequencies that make your guts rattle. SOMNURI ’s sound weaves in and out of hauntingly infectious melodies and bludgeoning riffs and grooves that shift time and tempo often.

SOMNURI started when two multi - instru mentalists joined forces after sharing the stage and practice spaces in previous Brooklyn - based bands. Justin Sherrell (Guitar/Vocals) had guitar ideas he wanted to develop further and soon linked up with drummer and producer Phil SanGiacomo. The ability for both founding members to explore ideas on guitar, bass, drums and vocals continues to be the band’s lifeblood.

The band’s first and second LPs were very well - received with BrooklynVegan championing, “a familiar, nostalgic sound,” that, “ SOMNURI ge nuinely breathe new life into.” With a willingness to venture into new sonic spaces of heavy music, SOMNURI’s upcoming full - length is in the works and due out in 2023 via MNRK