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Wednesday November 15 2023
 8:00PM doors -- music at 8:30PM
•••  21 AND OVER
The Plastic Cherries
 glam, soft rock, shoegaze
Night Hikes
 dream pop shoegaze

The Plastic Cherries
-from Salt Lake City, UT
-The Plastic Cherries began as a home recording project between couple Joseph and Shelby Maddock, making songs on old tape machines that betray an affection for glam, soft rock, shoegaze, Elliott Smith, and their dog. The first iteration of their homemade pop innocence, the album Sunshine, combines the fun and experimentation of 70’s glam rock with a dreamy DIY approach.

Together with bandmates Wayne Burdick (drums), Stephen Cox (bass), and Natalie Hamilton (keyboards), they can be found performing regularly in the Salt Lake City area with periodic tours of the Western U.S. A second album is in the works—a sequel to Sunshine inspired by the band’s live presence. The glittery theatrics of their show are sure to leave you sparkling the next day.

-nor-cal shoegaze

Night Hikes
-from San Francisco, CA
-Olivia Godby and Matthew Farrell met up one autumn afternoon in South Bend, Indiana with an acoustic guitar and a Juno-106. It was not a thought on either’s mind that a dynamic partnership would emerge, but in a short time their creative spark had kindled a fire. In their pensive songwriting, they immediately prioritized balance, not only between dark synth and glimmering guitar, but also between Godby’s imaginative storytelling and Farrell’s keen ear for melodies and production. When their spring 2020 tour was canceled, the pair instead spent the quarantine year refining their sound, transforming bedroom-pop demos into densely layered, deeply felt tracks which reflected the band’s maturing command over a new type of atmospheric sound. Late nights at their practice space, backpacking trips, and actual night hikes found the duo totally immersed in imbuing their melodies with a sense of grit, urgency, and drive. In late 2021, Godby and Farrell hunkered down to record their most ambitious songs to date. Inspired by shoegaze pioneers The Veldt and Slowdive they incorporated fuzz-laden guitars and dance rhythms over soft, alluring vocals. The sound that emerged is lovingly coined "stargaze" music: shoegaze, but with an outward, upward lens. In collaboration with Erik Blood, legendary producer from the Black Constellation, the band released the full-length “Keeper of Reality” and accompanying EP “Perfect Wonder” in 2023.