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Wednesday April 3 2024
  7:30PM doors -- music at 8:00PM
$17 in advance / $20 at the door
Kelsy Karter & The Heroines
Alexa Villa
 Dance/Electronic, Pop
Emi Jeen
 Electropop Rock

Kelsy Karter & The Heroines
-from Los Angeles, CA
-Kelsy’s debut album Missing Person was critically acclaimed and a thrilling introduction to a truly singular musical mind. Like all the most electrifying artists, the New Zealand-born singer/songwriter invited the audience into a beautifully strange world of her own making, a fantasia that’s equal parts rock-and-roll grit and wildly theatrical grandeur. Fueled by the mesmerizing vocal work first displayed on her breakthrough single “Harry”—a 2019 track that went viral after Karter turned up with a fake tattoo of Harry Styles blazoned across her face—Missing Person arrives as a stunning showcase for her intricate storytelling and uncompromising outlook on life, love, and self-liberation. Despite the defiant spirit that shines through nearly every song on Missing Person, the album took shape from a period of tremendous pain and self-doubt for Karter, a time that included the death of a loved one and a devastating breakup. “I was so depressed and broke, and probably at the lowest point in my whole life,” says Karter. “For a while I sort of lost myself, which is why the album’s called Missing Person. But through the process of making the record I found myself as an artist and an individual—I stopped giving a fuck about what anyone else thinks, and finally felt completely okay with who I am.” Working in the UK and in L.A. with producers like Zakk Cervini (Machine Gun Kelly, Poppy) and Chris Greatti (YUNGBLUD, blink-182), Karter set that transformation to a guitar-drenched sound steeped in elements of punk and Britpop and classic glam-rock, giving way to a sonic aesthetic both undeniably timeless and entirely of-the-moment.

Alexa Villa
-from Los Angeles, CA
-Born/raised in San Diego and currently based in Los Angeles, Alexa Villa is a Mexican American multi-instrumentalist (guitar, synth, and classically trained on piano since the age of seven), as well as a singer, songwriter, and producer.

While her classmates were playing with Barbies, Villa grew up watching her family of musicians chase their dreams, performing in bars and clubs throughout San Diego. “I come from a family of dreamers. Growing up, we didn’t have money…we had music,” Villa shares. “I’ve been writing poetry for as long as I can remember and was introduced to the piano at seven. So, when I learned how to put the two together, the songs started flowing. I started out sitting in with my parents’ band and then in my brother’s band, it wasn’t long after that I started my own ? eventually developing my own sound, and going onto play the San Diego circuit and Warped Tour, followed by making my way up to Los Angeles to further develop my skills.”

Known for infectious anthems featuring a blend of alt-rock and vibrant synth pop, with unapologetic vocals, Villa aims to create music that empowers and inspires others to embrace their madness and be authentically imperfect, loud, and abrupt.

CelebMix proclaims (3/8/22), “Celebrated for her powerful vocals, commanding lyricism, and boss babe charisma, Alexa’s songs are infused with a nostalgic 90s pop rock punch coupled with her own unapologetic and signature artistic flair, which makes her a very special artist to watch…Featuring relatable lyrics, a danceable alt rock beat, and vocals that penetrate and build in intensity…this artist is the real deal…emerging as an undeniable talent and a leading lady to watch.”

Earmilk adds (1/31/22) “…[this] indie rock queen…has an exceptional way of standing loud and proud on issues close to her heart…Villa knows who she is, what she wants, and how to create the life she deserves…The result is catchy and ferocious, where she champions her individuality and is free to rock out to her heart's desires.”

Villa draws influence from leading, powerhouse female performers from the past to present (Gwen Stefani, Garbage and Alanis Morissette to Halsey and Miley Cyrus), as well from YUNGBLUD, 5 Seconds of Summer, Nine Inch Nails and Led Zeppelin. And has opened for acts including Alec Benjamin, Hinds, The Darkness, Holy Wars, Drake Bell, Ryan Cabrera, Poe The Passenger, and Night Club, just to name a few.

Her latest single “MySpace”, released on October 27, via Sign From the Universe Entertainment, is the latest in a batch of new music that was written, produced and mixed by Villa herself. MySpace is about learning to love yourself through all of the ups and downs and changes of life. Villa states, “I wanted to be open and honest about things that I’ve had conversations with close friends about; things I think a lot of us are feeling; things we’re too afraid to say. I wanted to broach the subject with somewhat of a playful sentiment because life is too short to be serious about serious things. From writing and producing this song I’ve actually gleaned a deeper love for “my space” or myself. This is the very first track that I’ve done everything on. I wrote, sang, played piano, acoustic and electric guitar, bass, produced, mixed and mastered this track. These are all things I’ve always done but felt my work wasn’t good enough or didn’t live up to the standard so I wouldn’t release it. Here I am defeating my imposter syndrome and doing the very thing the lyrics are about. ‘Trying to love this place; my body, my mind, my space.’

Released November 18th, 2022, Villa’s single "Bored (feat. Colie Hutzler from Beauty School Dropout)" was co-produced by Villa along with Ian Walsh (Upsahl,Phem) and was mixed by Adam Hawkins (Twenty One Pilots, Machine Gun Kelly, Demi Lovato). Says Villa, “We have so many songs about heartbreak and relationship breakups, but what about the best friend breakup?! Sometimes those hurt worse.” After spending countless hours trying to figure out where she went wrong, Villa came to the realization that “Some people have nothing better to do than hate on happy people. Writing this song, I felt that if they spent more time working on themselves and choosing positivity then there would be no time to waste talking about me.”

Emi Jeen
-from Montreal, QC
-Emi Jeen is a Canadian-based singer-songwriter who has gained attention in the alt-pop scene with her solo career. She is known for her emotive storytelling and theatrical stage presence, as well as the exuberance of her dark pop style and aesthetic. Jeen has released two successful EPs, "The Other Side" and "Why So Serious". She is influenced by a wide range of musical styles and has a background in opera, giving her a unique vocal dexterity. She is set to release her third EP, "Terrible Perfect Timing", in September 2023, and as promised, a pop-rock 90s-inspired production, powerful voices, and vulnerability.