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Saturday April 20 2024
  8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM
•••  21 AND OVER
$13 in advance / $15 at the door
107.7 The Bone and Soundwaves TV co-present...
State Line Empire
 hard rock metal
Modern Monsters
 hard rock
 hard rock

State Line Empire
-from Bay Area, CA
-Hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, State Line Empire is an established independent hard rock band with a penchant
for writing infectious hooks and controversial narratives. Inspired by daily events and situations around them, State Line
Empire unabashedly challenges social norms and the status quo through hard hitting music. Comprising of Tony Malson
(lead vocals), Thomas Cruce (guitar), Jay Michaelis (drums) as well as Scott Proctor (bass), this powerhouse quartet brings
on the heat with their explosive and memorable live performances. Being avid storytellers, the band is greatly influenced
by the struggles and triumphs of real life, drawing inspiration for their music from personal experiences and hardships,
allowing them to evoke strong emotions in listeners.

Playing music for a little over decade now, the band has seen multiple evolutions of styles and members over the years.
Finding the perfect chemistry with this new line up, the multi- talented quartet has managed to amass a sizable and loyal
following throughout the years as they continue to grow and build. Having released a plethora of various well-received
tracks and videos, the band has also won various placements and awards such as “Best Band in the city of Pacifica CA”,
History Chanel’s ‘Biker Build Off’, ESPN ‘NCAA Hockey’, and Guitar Center's YOUR NEXT RECORD contest to feature Slash
on their single ‘Drive Me’. Slash is quoted saying “A song that’s very representative of the band. It’s got a great hook,
it’s catchy, and it just rocks!”. Bassist Scott Proctor was also recently invited to sing backing vocals for Five Finger Death
Punch on their current ‘Afterlife’ tour.

With immediate plans to release three new EPs that combine to a massive double vinyl LP titled ‘The Day the Earth Died’,
State Line Empire hopes to engage current audiences and reach out to new ones with their exciting yet profound creations.
Armed with ambition, tenacity, and an insatiable passion for what they do, State Line Empire seeks to reach out to
like-minded individuals through music to make meaningful and lasting connections. They are well on their way to
becoming one of the more prominent and memorable new artists to keep on the lookout for.

Modern Monsters
-from Bay Area, CA
-Modern Monsters is a Bay Area, California heavy rock band established in 2019. They elude a mix of greasy heavy,
down-and-dirty rock with raw energy.

Straying away from being buried in day-to-day mainstream music, the monsters thrive in the rock culture and maintain
the power of being face melters. With drive and tenacity, this renowned and talented group enjoys the challenge of being
a modern day rock band.

Drummer Keenan Tuohy's thunderous performance, paired with massive temper from Brody Bass and fierce riffs by guitarists
Wyatt Lennon and Rich Wells collectively and sonically match with the tortured lyrics of vocalist Josh Weaver.

-from Central CA
-This central California based band is not a single niche band as their music can take you from one place to another
in the blink of an eye! Their influences can be heard from a viriety of artists including, but definitely NOT limited to,
The Beatles, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Shinedown, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams (Sr. & Jr.), Black Sabbath, Iron
Maiden, Avenged Sevenfold, Torii Amos, Mozart, Bach, and Beethoven. Pretty much ANYTHING that provokes real feeling.

FS 'Skillet' Jimenez - Lead Vocals / Guitars
Dana Todd - Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals
Jay Gee - Bass / Backing Vocals
Kyle Fortney - Guitar / Backing Vocals
Michael Mcmeans - Drums / Backing Vocals