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Thursday May 2 2024
  7:30PM doors -- music at 8:30PM
$25 in advance / $28 at the door
Rich Kids on LSD (RKL)
  featuring Tony Foresta on vox from Municipal Waste
 punk skate rock
 new school punk pop punk
Western Addiction
 punk hardcore old school punk

Rich Kids on LSD (RKL)
-from Montecito, CA
-Rich Kids on LSD (RKL), emerged from the Southern California punk scene in the early 1980s. Hailing from Santa Barbara, California, the band's original lineup consisted of Jason Sears (vocals), Chris Rest (guitar),
Richard "Bomer" Manzullo (drums), and Vinx Peppars (bass). RKL quickly gained a reputation for their high-energy live performances and intricate songs.

Barry Ward joined the band in 1985 preceding the recording of the album, "Rock and Roll Nightmare."

Bass player, Joe Raposo joined the band in 1986 elevating their musicianship and live performances to new levels.

Throughout the '80s and '90s, RKL toured extensively and released influential albums such as "Keep Laughing" (Mystic), "Rock N Roll Nightmare" (Alchemy), and "Riches to Rags" (Epitaph) with the introduction
of Dave Raun on Drums. They became known for blending punk, thrash, and classic metal into their blistering music. Their eclectic sound set them apart in the punk landscape, earning them a dedicated fanbase.

After a period of hiatus in the late '90s, RKL made a reappearance with Chris Flippin (guitar) and Derrick Plourde (drums).

Richard "Bomer" Manzullo passed away in Dec 2005.

Jason Sears passed away in January 2006.

In 2024, with an unexpected reformation, veterans Dave Raun, Chris Rest, Joe Raposo, and Barry Ward are joined by vocalist, Tony Foresta, known for his work with Municipal Waste. Foresta's distinctive vocals
have injected new life into RKL's dynamic fusion of punk and thrash.

-from Portland, OR
-Melodic punk band from the West Coast of the United States.

Western Addiction
-from Oakland, CA
-Since forming in 2003, WA has defied easy categorization, and new album Frail Bray finds them slipping further beyond the
confines of hardcore. Listen closely and hope sneaks in, but the point of view isnít the only thing thatís different. WA's attack
has grown more nuanced, the band crafting songs that comfortably draw from a wide swath of rock íní roll while retaining
punkís ferocity.