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Wednesday June 5 2024
  7:30PM doors -- music at 8:00PM
•••  21 AND OVER
$15 in advance / $17 at the door
Luca Fogale
 indie folk pop
Grace Harriet
 alternative rock folk
 folk blues

Luca Fogale
-from Burnaby, BC
-“Amongst all these villains, I will be your friend,” Luca Fogale sang on his 2016 single “Villains,” and all these years later, he’s stayed true to that mission.
It’s fitting that the debut album where that song originated was called Safety, because that’s always been Luca’s mission in music: to provide comfort and
sanctuary, not just from the cruel world that can so often bring us down, but from the dark thoughts and messy feelings that can plague us in our most
insecure moments. Raised on a steady diet of Nina Simone and Joni Mitchell, the singer/songwriter from Burnaby, British Columbia possesses a voice that
seems soft and gentle on the surface, but cuts deep to reveal hidden truths and suppressed emotions. “I grew up in not the most expressive family,” Luca
reflects, “and we were conservative both in the way that we interacted with each other and the way we all bottled things up.” He’s spent his musical career
making up for lost time, creating songs that aren’t afraid to be tender, vulnerable, and brutally honest.

With Safety, we were introduced to a songwriter with a fine-tuned ear for warm, wool-sweater melodies, richly rendered narratives, and intimate autumnal
ambiance, like Jeff Buckley timewarped into Bon Iver’s wood cabin. That album—and its gospel-gilded 2017 follow-up single “I Don’t Want to Lose You”—
pegged Luca as an indie-folk phenom on the rise, with streaming stats well into the seven figures. But his Juno nominated 2020 follow-up, Nothing Is Lost,
revealed there was a whole lot more to Luca than prettily played serenades on acoustic guitar and piano. Through a broader palette of synth-washed
atmospheres, orchestral flourishes, and lush ‘70s soft-rock arrangements, the album sees Luca graduate from the proverbial coffeehouse to the concert
hall, recasting his private conversations as cinematic set pieces.

However, his musical vision expands, Luca’s songwriting keeps drilling down into the deepest corners of his soul, as he reckons with crises both spiritual
and existential in search of inner peace and redemption. But “Something I've really struggled with my entire life is feeling worthy and purposeful and that
my life has value,” Luca admits. “A lot of these songs are meditations and reminders to myself of how I want to live my life: the ways in which I want to
think about myself and think about the people in my life, and how I want to be seen. I'm still learning about what sort of music I want to make and what
kind of artist I want to be. Obviously, it's a lifelong process.”

Luca’s new album “Run Where the Light Calls” arrived March 24th, 2023 via Amelia Recordings

Grace Harriet
-from Boston, MA
-Grace Harriet is an indie folk singer/songstress from Northern California, a place that deeply influences her music and lyrical styles. Combining folk, rock influences,
and relatable lyricism, Grace performs music that encourages an audience to discover beauty in every emotion and experience. Grace shares her time between the San
Francisco Bay Area and Boston, MA.

-from San Francisco, CA
-SF based singer/songwriter EllaHarp is a curious sort of artist. After years honing her skills touring, recording, and releasing music on a unique harp she designed for
the purpose, 2020 saw the addition of another self designed/built instrument that got swiftly put to work; a small, 5 string banjo which fits just inside said harp’s case,
which in turn fits neatly in an airplane overhead. A bit like musical Russian dolls…

Singles (off her newly released 2023 album) like ‘Lost in January’ and ‘Restless Lullaby’ showcase both instruments in signature style, blending folk and Americana with
pop sensibilities, highlighting dark, thoughtful lyrics and memorable hooks.

Her 2021 and 2018 albums ‘Screaming Into the Void’ (which saw multiple chart appearances on the NACC Top 30 Folk, the AMA top 200 and the FAI Top Albums in both
Oct and Nov 2021) and ‘Who Asked You Back’ (#4 and #2 on RMR Top 50 Folk and Top 50 Contemporary Folk Album charts) spinned on over 100 radio stations
nationally and abroad.

Bringing dynamic live performances that contrast dark songwriting with humor and a knack for creative storytelling, EllaHarp has opened for Hollow Coves, Harrison
Storm, Smith and Thell, Cat Clyde, Ira Wolf, Humbird and Willie Watson with her unique, travel-made instruments. She has built 50k followers across Instagram +
Facebook and over 4 million streams since COVID. Her track ‘Time’ can be heard on popular Netflix show ‘Emily in Paris’.