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Saturday June 22 2024
  8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM
 electronic ambient
Argo Nuff  -----Kraus off the bill
 ambient drone hypnagogic-pop

-from Montreal, QC
-CFCF is the moniker of Mike Silver, an indie electronic producer from Montreal, Canada, who established himself as an inventive remixer before making his commercial
production debut in 2008. A self-taught musician, Silver's style has evolved and matured throughout the years, ranging from his earliest hip-hop production experiments
to chiptunes, progressing to the Balearic disco of debut full-length Continent (2009) and ambient/new age explorations like 2015's The Colours of Life. Throughout much
of his work during the 2010s, Silver has exhibited a sincere appreciation for "uncool" genres such as soft rock and smooth jazz. He is also co-credited with developing the
concept of "night bus," an Internet-spawned movement that encompasses feelings rather than specific genres of music. CFCF was nominated for Best Remixed Recording
at the 2015 Grammy Awards, for his remix of Max Richter's "Berlin by Overnight." His subsequent work has explored his formative influences, with 2019's Liquid Colours
re-creating the commercial side of atmospheric drum'n'bass and 2021's Memoryland evoking several styles of electronica and alternative rock.

A music-maker since age 12, Silver first made a name for himself as CFCF with a series of unofficial remixes in 2007 that included Crystal Castle's "Air War," Justice's
"Phantom," and Cassie's "Me & U." These bootleg remixes circulated exclusively online, and their popularity led to a series of commercially available remixes in 2008 that
included Health's "Triceratops," Sally Shapiro's "Time to Let Go," and Heartsrevolution's "Choose Your Own Adventure." Having established himself sufficiently as an
inventive remixer, Silver made his production debut as CFCF in 2009 with a 7" single on the Acéphale label, You Hear Colours. Limited to 500 copies on white vinyl,
You Hear Colours was widely circulated in the music blogosphere and drummed up plenty of anticipation for Panesian Nights (2009), a video game-inspired seven-track
EP released on the fashionable Toronto-based label Paper Back Records. One of the EP's tracks, "The Explorers," was remade with guest vocals by Sally Shapiro and
released as a four-track single. CFCF's first full-length album, Continent, appeared on Paper Back in November of that same year. The record was a remarkably mature
effort, distilling Silver's many influences (including Italo-disco, piano house, Fleetwood Mac, and Junior Boys) into a cohesive, expressive sound. This was followed by Drifts,
a six-track remix EP featuring Continent tracks reworked by Junior Boys, Memoryhouse, Young Galaxy (whose former drummer Andrea Silver is Mike's sister), and others.

In 2010, CFCF began garnering attention for his innovative online mixtapes that seamlessly blended numerous genres of music (from melancholic R&B and hip-hop to
ambient and Krautrock to soft rock), particularly Do U Like Night Bus?, one of the defining mixes of the moody "night bus" genre. His original music began to shift further
away from dance music, with influences such as Ryuichi Sakamoto, Talk Talk, David Sylvian, and Peter Gabriel playing a major part in shaping his sound. New York City-
based RvngIntl released The River, an EP heavily inspired by Popol Vuh's scores for Werner Herzog's films. CFCF also issued a more house/garage-influenced EP,
Cometrue, on the New York-based UNO label in 2011.

In 2012, Silver launched a series of EPs that aimed to explore "the lighter side of our relationship with our surroundings." The health-minded Exercises (which featured a
David Sylvian cover) introduced the series that year, with Music for Objects following in 2013. Silver took a different tack on his second full-length, Outside; arriving in
October 2013, the album featured more atmospheric tracks dominated by vocals. Silver declared the "death of night bus" with his Night Bus 3 mix, released online toward
the end of 2014. Surprisingly, his remix of Max Richter's "Berlin by Overnight" was nominated for Best Remixed Recording at the 2015 Grammy Awards. In late July 2015,
CFCF released Radiance & Submission, an LP inspired by Windham Hill artists such as Michael Hedges, on Spanish label Driftless Recordings. Two weeks later, the Canadian
label 1080p released The Colours of Life, a more synth pop-influenced CFCF album that was recorded in 2011. The more acoustic On Vacation appeared on International
Feed in 2016.

In 2017, CFCF collaborated with Montreal-based pianist Jean-Michel Blais on an EP titled Cascades. Released by Arts & Crafts, the set included an interpretation of John
Cage's "In a Landscape." Self Service, a three-song EP of lush, atmospheric dance tracks, was issued by SOBO in 2018. Liquid Colours, a continuous suite of ambient jungle
tracks, was released through Silver's own BGM Solutions imprint in 2019. Memoryland, which arrived in 2021, channeled many of Silver's early influences, from Underworld
and Basement Jaxx to Smashing Pumpkins and Sonic Youth. Memoryland Enhanced, its 2022 companion release, consisted of remixes, alternate versions, and additional
tracks. ~ Jason Birchmeier & Paul Simpson, Rovi

-from Northern CA
-Midrift is a California-based shoegaze band consisting of Gus Mehrkam, Manoa Neukermans, and Kai Neukermans

Argo Nuff
-from Oakland, CA
-Ambient/Post Rock Band Located In Oakland, USA; Finding Sincerity Within An Irony-Poisoned Internet. Music That Gen-Z Youth Wistfully Doomscroll Their Timelines To,
Reminiscing On The Magical Time When They Were Also Scrolling Through Their Timelines But In A More Wholesome Way When Things Were "Awesome Sauce" Instead Of
"Based." Did You Guys Hear That New André 3000 Record? That S**t Was Crazy. Now Imagine If He Was Terminally Online. Ummm Yup. Basically If Jaden Smith Tweets
Were Music.