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Wednesday August 7 2024
  8:00PM doors -- music at 8:30PM
$17 in advance / $20 at the door
Milly  [co-headlining]
 dream rock \  shoegaze
Idaho  [co-headlining]
 dream pop shoegaze slowcore

-from Los Angeles, CA
-Originally the solo project of Brendan Dyer, his relocation from Connecticut to Los Angeles saw the band expand to include
collaborator Yarden Erez. After signing to Dangerbird Records, 2019 saw the band on tour with Swervedriver & DIIV, and in
2021 they released their acclaimed EP Wish Goes On.

To understand Eternal Ring, you have to go back to Dyer’s childhood. Learning guitar and drums from his uncle, a musician,
from the age of ten, Dyer was one of the only young people in his rural Connecticut town interested in anything other than
sports and other stereotypical markers of American life. Naturally, Dyer began to gravitate towards emo — the closest thing
many teens have to outsider art — as an art form he could identify with, bands like Hawthorne Heights subconsciously laying
the groundwork for the music he would make as an adult. “It probably only lasted a year or two that I was interested in that
sort of thing, but now I feel like it’s become a thing in my life where it’s like, full circle,” he says. “When we were writing this
album, and touring before writing this album, I was reconnecting with a lot of the music that I was listening to in my youth
and realizing that there was a reason why I liked this music so much.”

The MILLY of Eternal Ring, though, is a vastly different project from the one Dyer began in his childhood bedroom. Where
the band’s old songs were dazed and gorgeously laconic, Eternal Ring is muscular, punchy, almost alarmingly direct. You
only need to hear album opener and debut single “Illuminate” to understand the change: slipping quickly from emo balladry
into something heavy and intoxicatingly intense, it’s a clear marker that this is the work of a tighter, more dynamic Milly.
There is no slack to these songs — even the nine-minute “Stuck In The Middle” is an impossibly taut endurance work,
jumping from emotive build to gut-wrenching squall in a second.

-from Los Angeles, CA
-IDAHO's first new album in more than 13 years. Recording Lapse commenced on January 1st, 2022, following a lively New Year’s Eve at the Out There
bar in 29 Palms. Nursing a rare hangover, I welcomed guitarist Robby, fresh from LA, into my mother’s desert house amidst much excited barking from
my pit bull Thurmon and producer/engineer Bill’s pit/lab mix Maggie. Over the next few months, this record took shape, inadvertently paying homage to
Idaho’s past, largely influenced by my collaboration with Robby — whom he humorously refers to as the “Steely Dan model.” Amidst the COVID-19
outbreak, Robby reached out to me on Instagram and offered his assistance in completing the demo snippets I was sharing online... Every record since
'Hearts of Palm' (2000) has been more of a solo effort so the synergy of collaboration is a cool thing to have back in the fray. The high desert setting lent
its voice to this LP… how could it not? The colors, textures and endless sky sunsets. Thank you mother Lynda for letting us desecrate your sanctuary for
the good part of ’22. The large living room afforded us a chance to spread out, get loud and let the sound waves develop the way they should. As fate would
have it, Bill had to depart, leaving me with the task of mixing the album alone. I often wonder if a professional could have achieved a better result, but
nevertheless, I take pride in finally breaking Idaho’s dry spell.

Written by Jeff Martin and Robby Fronzo

Lyrics by Jeff Martin

releases May 31, 2024