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Thursday September 12 2024
  8:00PM doors -- music at 8:30PM
 •••  ALL AGES
$17 in advance / $22 at the door
Apes of the State
 folk punk
Sister Wife Sex Strike
 Folk punk
Ash Bricky
 Folk Punk

Apes of the State
-from Lancaster, PA
-Apes of the State is an independent Lancaster, PA based folk punk band.

April’s first release, “All I Did This Summer Was Go to Rehab (2014),” can be self-described as equal parts cringey and genius. It documents her first ever experiments in
song writing and sobriety after uprooting her life in New Jersey to start over post-rehab in Lancaster, PA. A short EP of songs, “Things I Never Meant to Tell You” followed
in 2015 featuring songs that would later be worked into the full band known as “Apes of the State.” 2016 brought the band’s first recording, “This City Isn’t Big Enough”
which was a far leap both instrumentally and quality wise from the lofi solo bedroom recordings. Their second full length album, “Pipe Dream” was released in November
of 2019. “Pipe Dream” features a more dynamic sound, with the band introducing the use of percussion and electric guitar on some of the tracks.

Their sound is very lyrical, influenced by storyteller singer/songwriters such as Paul Baribeau and Everyone Except Me. Apes of the State takes the simplicity and
straightforward, emotional writing style of these influences and combines it with the drive and power of a full band. Their sound is under constant evolution but is
deeply rooted in punk rock, folk, and bluegrass. As a band, they are driven by DIY ethics with a goal of helping as many people as possible with their music. They
sing songs about whatever makes them feel things, like love, heartbreak, student loan debt, regret, and overcoming addiction.

They have performed across the US anywhere and everywhere, from basements, backyards, and living rooms to the Warped Tour and TEDx stages. The members are
also heavily involved in activism for people recovering from substance use disorder and promoting harm reduction at their shows. In 2016, April and Dan founded an
organization called Second Chance to Play which aims to help individuals in rehabs and in recovery communities participate in the music scene of their hometown

Sister Wife Sex Strike
-from Seattle, WA
-Sister Wife Sex Strike is a Seattle-based anarchist folk band comprised of best friends Sister Pigeon and Sister Moth. The band's name is inspired by real life events: in
2021, Pigeon & Moth were sharing a lover and when they found themselves mutually dissatisfied by his efforts, they went on a sex strike to have their demands met. The
band name was derived from this event and an ensuing psilocybin-guided camping trip between the two friends produced their eponymous title track. The two have been
playing music and writing songs together ever since.

SWSS embarked on their first east coast / midwest tour in October '23 and their first large-scale west coast tour in January '24. Their live shows feature banjo, guitar, a
suitcase drum, and lots of shouting. They have shared the stage with many other acts in the folk punk scene including Days n Daze, Local News Legend, and Moon Bandits.

The duo's first album - the self-titled 'Sister Wife Sex Strike' - was released in 2022. They released their 2nd full length LP - 'Sister Wives Strike Back' - in May 2023 and
followed up with a Deluxe version of the album in August of the same year. In November 2023, they released their first vinyl pressing; 'They Can't Kill Us All,' a 7' split with
Apes of the State.

Ash Bricky
-from Manteca, CA
-Ash Bricky is an American folk punk musician based in Manteca, California.