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Friday November 1 2024
  8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM
$20 plus $1 for Music Declares Emergency and PLUS1
No Music on a Dead Planet, featuring:
Reuben And The Dark w/ Bullhorn Singers
 alt folk-rock

Music Declares Emergency has partnered with PLUS1 to donate $1 per ticket to support music industry campaigns that declare a climate emergency and advocate for cultural and operational changes needed to achieve a carbon-neutral future.

Reuben And The Dark w/ Bullhorn Singers
-Calgary, CA
-Reuben and the Dark is the spirited folk-rock outfit led by Reuben Bullock, whose music blends introspective lyrics with the irrepressible pulse and complicit harmonies of his band. On the Calgary-bred frontman’s third studio album, un | love, Reuben opens a breathtakingly honest window into one of the most dramatic times in his life, baring the emotional depths encountered at life’s crossroads. Reuben and the Dark’s music is a heartrending yet free-spirited confrontation of that place, a spiritual meeting that Bullock conjures with his audience nightly, revealing more with each transformative performance. Rising from his painterly, ashen lyrics, dancing on a tightrope of exultation, is the beauty of catharsis: the crystallization of psychic resonance between band and audience, shared through music.

“The essence of it is songs that connect people to the intangibles of our collective emotions,” says Bullock. “Together we get carried away, lost and found in the alchemy of the music.”

Produced by Reuben and the Dark with Marcus Paquin (The National, Timber Timbre, Local Natives) and Kevin Drew (of Broken Social Scene), un | love mines this raw, unfettered emotion from within Bullock. The hard-wrought songs of Arms of a Dream (2018) and earthbound textures of Funeral Sky (2013) have become unshackled by spontaneity, with Reuben’s soulful voice emerging unbridled and fallible. On the new album, the bond with his band – core of Brock Geiger and Sam Harrison on guitars, Brendan “Dino” Soares on drums, Nathan Da Silva on bass – has unlocked the kinetic energy of songs like “rising,” refuting gravity on the soaring and anthemic “faultline,” and navigating hardship on the album closing “dancer.” With friendships dating back to early childhood, the band intuits the evolution of the songs, tapping into Reuben’s soul-searching intonations at the helm of each thrilling performance, each vibrational sing-along. Through his dense imagery, perhaps for the first time truly, shines a clear light, shot straight from Reuben’s heart – wide open, blown away, singing out, together untangling the pain.

-from Toronto, CA
-Based in Toronto, Brighid Fry (they / she) likes to describe Housewife as a project comprised of anyone who collaborates with her — in Nashville, Los Angeles, and New York City-based recording studios, or on tour everywhere across North America. Mostly recently Fry traveled to Nashville to write and record these songs and others with music industry mainstays like producer and multi-instrumentalist Gabe Simon (Lana Del Rey, Dua Lipa, Anderson .Paak), writer and producer Carrie K (PVRIS, The Regrettes), performer and producer Mikky Ekko (Rihanna, Vince Staples, Diplo), and indie pop artist Young Summer.

Beneath the singalong hooks and top-notch production, Fry’s self-awareness and lyrical poignancy shines just as brightly. Having written music since she was 14 years old, Fry’s musical style has evolved from her parents’ folksong influences, to her self-described early-teenaged emo phase, to this contemporary amalgamation of rock, pop, and lo-fi— all buoyed by her natural gift for melody.

Housewife’s newest songs showcase Fry integrating all these influences into an honest depiction of being a young person today — the grief and growth, the failures and friendships, existential crises and exuberant celebrations. “Fuck Around Phase,” for example, highlights the dichotomy of navigating heartache while also enjoying oneself in the midst of a breakup. “King of Wands,” on the other hand, is a song both breathy and bass-heavy that takes cues from both tarot and Greek mythology to tackle contemporary social issues and her own intuition. In the myth, Apollo grants Cassandra the gift of prophecy, but with the curse that no one believes her. “It wasn’t like I set out to write a feminist song,” Fry begins. “That’s such a common experience in a lot of marginalized communities like, “Hey! We’re talking and the shit we’re saying is true!” But no one is listening.”

In 2022, the band released a five-track EP, You’ll Be Forgiven, which was lauded by CBC Q’s Tom Power as “thoughtful and introspective [with] lyrics about coming of age, growing up, and making mistakes.” Previously, Housewife independently released two other EPs, which garnered accolades from the Canadian Folk Music Awards and Toronto Independent Music Awards, and played shows with bands like KALEO, Paolo Nutini, Broken Social Scene, Stars, and more.

Now, with new life experiences and new vigor, Housewife returns to the scene. Fry is setting her sights on the future — through her volunteer work with the musician-led activism group Music Declares Emergency, as well as naturally through the release of new music. She’s ready to keep traveling, keep writing, recording, and performing. “It’s been a really steep learning curve,” she says, “but I’m just so excited about the new music!”