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Saturday November 9 2024
  8:00PM doors -- music at 8:30PM
•••  21 AND OVER
$18 in advance / $23 at the door
White Trash Debutantes
Mushroom Juice
Class of '77

-from Austin, TX
-M.D.C. is a musical and political organization always striving to make intelligent, powerful, political statements that scream loudly
against political insanity and social malignancy, addressing oppression and the human condition. Their originality challenges and
often rivals, with their distinctly blunt and radical views, some of the most iconic bands of the past-and-present punk scene often
littered with meaningless personal topical babble. (Just ask the die-hard fans.)

M.D.C. undoubtedly influenced many bands of today, evident in many modern anti-government and anti-oppression oriented groups,
as early American Punk folklore blazoned its course through the past 35 years. M.D.C. was on the cover of the FIRST issue of
Maximum Rock’n’Roll, which also includes a band interview. They have had major articles in Playboy, Spin, Sounds, and interviews
far too numerous to count in local papers and fanzines across the globe. As an integral part of early American Punk folklore, it is
not surprising to find references to M.D.C. in the annals of punk history and beyond the boundaries of mainstream music culture–
their honorable mention in the alternative duo They Might Be Giants’ song “Rhythm Section Want Ad” and the “Millions of Dead
Cops” album ranking #7 on Kurt Cobain’s all-time favorite list are two interesting examples. M.D.C. forged strong friendships and
allies through their years of touring such as The Dead Kennedys, Bad Brains, Ian McKay of Minor Threat, Tim Armstrong and Matt
Freeman of Rancid, Green Day, and Dave Grohl, to name a few. M.D.C. is active in a number of good causes, recently speaking
against the jailing of anarchist Chris Plummer, and more. They have organized and participated in countless benefits for grassroots
movements, from the Native American Big Mountain to Food Not Bombs, and have continually campaigned with their best efforts
in the furtherance of a better world.

As of 2014, Millions of Dead Cops, a.k.a. M.D.C., is comprised of two original members, Dave Dictor on vocals and Ron “x-con ron”
Posner on guitar, along with “Mad Mike” Smith (Brother Spud, No Red Flags) on bass and Jesse Cobb (Valid Effort, Embrace The Kill)
on drums. Having just toured the U.S. extensively and a stint in Australia and New Zealand, M.D.C. has just signed with Beer City
Skateboards and Records. Many remastered reissues will be coming out on vinyl, CD, and as digital downloads. Also a full line of
softwoods as well as some surprises are all in the works. M.D.C. has also been working on its newest full-length release with about
two dozen new songs to choose from, so the future ahead looks bright for one of the Pioneers of Hardcore Punk Rock.

White Trash Debutantes
-from San Francisco, CA
-Punk rock has always had its socio-political agitators as well as bands that simply wanted to entertain; White Trash Debutantes
are a perfect example of the latter. Formed in San Francisco in 1989, the female-led (though not entirely female) outfit hasn't
inundated listeners with serious political or social messages -- its specialty has been wild, rowdy, trashy, decadent, over-the-top
fun. Debutantes, who are led by singer Ginger Coyote, have always favored an amusing, tongue-in-cheek approach; their material
is as humorous as it is in-your-face. The Californians love to poke fun at pop culture, and occasionally, their songs have employed
kinky S&M/dominatrix imagery (including "Crack of the Whip" and "Whipping Boy"), but always in a humorous and ironic fashion.
In 1991, Faith No More bassist Bill Gould produced their EP, San Francisco, for Alternative Tentacles. The 1990s also found
Debutantes (who once invited the controversial Olympic skater Tonya Harding to join the band) recording albums or singles for
various indie labels, including Teen Rebel, Desperate Attempt, Beer City, and 206 (which, in 1996, released their full-length album
It's Raw...But You Live for It). After playing the Bay Area scene for over a decade, Debutantes moved to Los Angeles in 2000.
Since its formation in 1989, the band has had its share of personnel changes; one former member is bassist Gwynne Kahn, who
has also been with the Pandoras. In 2000, Debutantes' part-female, part-male lineup included Coyote, Tonia Bodley, and Rhiannon
Pollock on vocals, Jake Goldman on guitar, Dan Humes on bass, and Johny Sosa on drums. 2001 found Debutantes recording seven
songs for the Orange Peal release What's It All About?, a split CD that also contains seven songs by fellow punk combo Cell Block 5.
~ Alex Henderson, Rovi

Mushroom Juice

-from San Francisco, CA
- Crescenda: vox
Daniel: guitar
Flying Greg: drums
Mike: bass

Class of '77
-from San Francisco, CA
-CLASS OF ’77 is a band that has been to the rodeo, and rocked it! It is a tribute to the Punk Explosion of 1977 that reinvented
and saved Rock music.

The term Punk was coined about the music that exploded that year and blew away the cobwebs of the early Seventies’ scene. Class
of ’77 honors the bands and the music that drove that cultural explosion. The music was created for “Outcasts and Artists,” and we
adhere to that model.

We celebrate the music of bands like: The Clash, The Dead Boys, The Damned, The Ramones, Early Blondie, Generation X, Johnny
Thunders, and much more… Our collective experience has jumpstarted this band.

Chelsea Rose is the lead singer and songwriter for longtime SF punk stalwarts BITE and member of the infamous White Trash
Debutantes, Ginger Coyote’s’ punk institution. Chelsea is an iconic San Francisco rock figure; her blistering versatile vocal,
commanding attitude and electrifying stage presence is known to all.

Pauli Gray, guitar/back up vox is the founding member and primary songwriter of several bands including Candy from Strangers,
the Lipstick Stains (aka Stains), and Shot in Dark. In addition to his popular solo singer/songwriter act, he is the longtime guitar
player in White Trash Debutantes. His huge guitar sound is gritty and he is capable of the difficult feat of forging several guitar parts
into his blistering rhythms and solos.

Carmela Thompson, bassist and backup vocalist is a veteran of many much-loved SF bands including Short Dogs Grow, Cameltoe,
Hellfire Choir, and the Meat Sluts. Carmela is known for her groove, stage presence and devil-may-care attitude.

Musical prodigy Ian Larkin brings ferocious chops, thunder and groove to the drums. He is also known as an excellent bassist,
guitarist and pianist and comes to us by way of the Screaming Bloody Marys, and the Nerv.

People have responded to our live performance from the get-go; singing along, pogoing, revisiting a time of anarchy and energy.
We interpret these songs in a way that is fresh and sonic, yet remains true to the spirit of its time. Our collective stage presence is
energetic and fun. You will leave humming the tunes. But it all comes back to chemistry, and a reawakening of a revolution.
It is still music for the outcast and artist in every one of us.