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   ---rescheduled from August 10 2024
Friday February 21 2025
  8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM
$15 in advance / $20 at the door
Eternal Boy
 pop punk
Good Terms

-from Saugus, MA
-If you enjoyed pop punk/post hardcore music from like 2002 to about 2008 then you might like Driveways. Like even if you didn't, you still might.
We don't really know until you give us a listen. Let us know. Talk soon, thanks.

Eternal Boy
-from Pittsburgh, PA
-Eternal Boy is an American pop punk band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which had been called The SpacePimps prior to 2017. The group have
released five full-length albums and have an extensive touring history that includes years on the Vans Warped Tour, as well as touring in China,
Japan, USA, Canada and Europe.

Good Terms
-from Los Angeles, CA
-Hailing from Los Angeles, CA with a signature heavy emo-pop sound, Good Terms are bringing a fresh, celebratory, and cathartic vibe to the alternative music scene.
Their songs combine poppy earworm melodies catchy enough to get your grandma singing along, heavy stank-face inducing riffs, emo songwriting guaranteed to get
you deep in the feels, tasty boomer-approved guitar shredding, the juiciest bass playing money could buy, and filthy breakdowns so disgusting that you’ll want to take
a shower after listening. In their recordings, Good Terms combines this delicious musical nectar with organic modern production & mixing, which to date has been handled
entirely in-house. They blend the slick & hi-fi sounds of today with that tried and true “hell yeah brother” rock-n-roll feeling of yesterday. Even at their most polished, you’ll
still always feel like you’re listening to a ripping live band.

“Man that sounds pretty sick,” you’re saying, “but what is this band like live?” A mf party, that’s what. The band is made up of four lifelong best friends, and that level of
friendship & brotherhood within them is extended to everyone in the audience. You’ll have a Step Brothers “did we just become best friends?” moment with everyone in the
positive & inclusive community the band is building. At Good Terms shows, you can expect elite showmanship, hilarious stage antics, top-notch performances, maybe a little
crying in the pit, non-stop grooves that keep you dancing, and massive hooks that keep you singing along. Good Terms shows are an opportunity to all feel good together,
practice some self-love, and absolutely rage our faces off.

2023 will see an onslaught of new singles from the band, each one more unique than the last. Good Terms are building on the success of their viral “Jump” cover & their
debut album Turning Point, which the band independently released in 2021. The album’s blend of easycore and sadboi pop punk has proven to be a comfortable foundation
to build on, but Good Terms have their sights set on creating the future, not on regurgitating the past. Your friendly neighborhood emo band is all grown up and ready to
take over the world.

Lead Vocals, Guitar / Brian McShea
Guitar, Vocals / Zach Boucher
Guitar, Vocals / Ivan Barry
Bass, Vocals / Geo Botelho