While we encourage you to promote your own shows, we insist that you only post flyers and posters legally, according to San Francisco guidelines (see link below). Before playing at Bottom of the Hill, we are going to have you sign a waiver acknowledging that you have read and understood these guidelines and that you release us from responsibility for any and all fines incurred by your actions or those of anyone illegally posting on your behalf. The city has a generous policy for bands that wish to advertise their shows. Make sure you pay special attention to the details of size limit and acceptable locations for flyers. Remember to use other forms of advertising if you can: postcard mailers, e-mail mass mailings, posting at the Bottom, posting at record stores and other neighborhood establishments (with their permission, of course), radio station interviews and promotions, advertising in weekly newspapers. If you are going to post flyers on city streets, make sure you visit the following web address:

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