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Saturday April 6 2024
  8:00PM doors -- music at 8:30PM
Margo Cilker
 country, folk, Americana, and modern roots
Jeremy Ferrara
 folk pop rock
Kacie Hill
 indie folk rock

Margo Cilker
-from Goldendale, WA
-Valley Of Heart’s Delight refers to a place where Cilker can’t return: California’s Santa Clara Valley, as it was known before the orchards were paved over and became more famous for Silicon than apricots. She is the fifth generation of her namesake born there, and in this 11-song collection, produced by Sera Cahoone, family and nature intertwine as guiding motifs, at once precious and endangered, beautiful and exhausting. Cilker moved from California to the Pacific Northwest in her mid-twenties and wrote much of Valley Of Heart’s Delight while living in Enterprise, Oregon, a small town near the Snake River and powered by the river’s massive, publicly-funded hydroelectric dams. Valley Of Heart’s Delight feeds off of this tension – how we live in and off of nature, how we live within and without family, and why we return to the places we were born.

“I wrote these songs surrounded by the wild landscapes of the Northwest, but I was leaning toward the place I’d come from. I felt cut off from my family and the valley that held them. I spent hours thinking about my sense of belonging. I’d traveled through many places and then, when the travel stopped, I ruminated on where I had ended up. Where were you when the music stopped? I was in Enterprise, OR. And there in Enterprise, my mind drifted back to the Valley of Heart’s Delight.

I wrote about family — about death and rebirth, and the arcs of love and art through a family line. There are songs that hint at missteps and redemption. There are songs about trees: in orchard rows, family trees, redwoods. And water: agricultural runoff, wild rivers, dammed rivers, baptismal flows. And there’s a [cover] song about a fish, cause it’s a damn good song and I wanted to record it.”

Valley Of Heart’s Delight follows Cilker’s critically acclaimed Pohorylle debut, which resulted in a profile by NPR’s All Things Considered for “bridging the urban-rural divide through music” and was listed among the “Best Country Albums of 2021” by Stereogum, No Depression, The Boot, Glide Magazine, and more. Pitchfork called the record “a vivid introduction to this country artist who pushes against conventions of the genre that don’t fit her perspective,” and Rolling Stone added, “Cilker shows that she is as interested in reinvigorating Southern country-folk storytelling tropes as she is in exposing their flaws.”

Jeremy Ferrara
-from Portland, OR
-What good is a song if it doesn’t make you feel something? Jeremy Ferrara knows this,
and refuses to waste a minute of your time. His good nature and innate tenderness is
inescapable, and anyone within earshot of his quavering voice and quiet guitar is likely
to swoon in sympathetic reaction. He’s a folksinger, and a song-diviner. His music is as fun
as it is finely detailed. His latest album Everything I Hold is exemplary of this style.
Produced by Mike Coykendall, the LP features just Jeremy, his guitar, and voice, on
eight songs that fill the listener with wonder, empathy, and joy.

Though he’s been playing in bands and experimenting with his talent since the credulous age
of 11 years old, it wasn’t until Ferrara went away to college that he was able to fully realize
his love of musicianship. While studying physics at UC Santa Barbara, Ferrara frequented
thriving DIY music spaces like Biko Garage. These were more than just spaces for Ferrara
though. It was in these intimate settings that Ferrara would forge his identity as a musician
and find his love for touring. A love that has carried him through 4+ years of multiple tours
throughout the US and Europe.

While drawing inspiration from greats like Joni Mitchell, Conor Oberst, Adrianne Lenker,
and Neil Young, Ferrara is still able to achieve his own distinct sound. His endearingly
forthright lyrics are driven by modern indie hooks paired with timeless, tender, folky sounds.
Open tunings and fingerpicking are sprinkled throughout Ferrara’s works, giving them a classic
and comforting sort of twang. His debut album, With Every Change (2020), calls on the
techniques of his folk predecessors and was first tracked on the stage of a 100-year-old
theatre over 3 and a half days in the tiny mountain town of Enterprise, Oregon; before full
band features like keyboard and pedal steel were later overdubbed. At the heart of Ferrara’s
work, you will find… well, Ferrara’s own heart. His open-hearted songwriting lays all to bare
and takes no shame in doing so.

Kacie Hill
-from San Francisco, CA
-Kacie Hill is a San Francisco based indie folk rock singer-songwriter. Her music attempts to bring meaning to the mundane through conversational yet poignant lyricism, and draws similarities to some of her favorites artists, such as Joni Mitchell and Phoebe Bridgers. Kacie’s new single Slow Moving is out now.