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Saturday December 21 2013
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• ALL AGES
$10 in advance / $12 at the door 
Happy Body Slow Brain
 progressive R&B/Rock ~ GrooveRock
Facing New York  
 progressive indie rock
Gavin Castleton
 pop r&b electronica folk progressive rock
Via Coma
 alternative experimental rock

Happy Body Slow Brain 
Matthew Fazzi, Isaac Bolivar, and Jason Holthouser.
-From New York City
-Happy Body Slow Brain are a groove rock band that hal from New York, NY. Indie-rock, progressive rhythms, mixed with elements of R&B and soul.

Happy Body Slow Brain was originally started by Matt Fazzi as a side-project during his tenure with Bay Area progressive-rock band, Facing New York, attempting to mesh Fazzi's love of heavy rock groove, classic motown soul, and 80's synth all into one harmonious package. After parting ways with Facing New York in early '08, Fazzi joined Warner Bros. rock group, Taking Back Sunday, for a brief stint that included a full-length album entitled New Again and two live releases. Fazzi parted ways with Taking Back Sunday in 2010 and immediately turned his attention full on to his side project, recruiting multi-instrumentalist Isaac Bolivar and old friend Jason Holthouser as the rhythm section backbone on bass. To this, they added a varying cast of badass drummers. The band has self-released a full-length album entitled Dreams Of Water as well as a mellow acoustic/B-sides released called the Sleepy EP. 2014 will see the band releasing a new full-length album.

Happy Body Slow Brain is filled with heavy groove, sweet melody, thick harmony, time signatures, rock blitz and mellow vibes. 

Facing New York
Brandon Canchola, Omar Cuellar, and Eric Frederic.
-From the San Francisco Bay Area 
-Despite the band name, Facing New York hail from the punk rock mecca of the San Francisco Bay Area scene, a second-generation emo band with some progressive and post-rock tendencies that grew out of of two minor earlier outfits.

Singer and guitarist Eric Frederic and keyboardist Rene Carranza's band, Locale A.M., had released two albums, 2001's The Sounds of Spring and 2003's Breaking the Fourth Wall, before splitting. Their labelmates on the local Pop Smear imprint, Tragedy Andy, had released 2003's It's Never Too Late to Start Over before guitarist Matthew Fazzi and drummer Omar Cuellar took its titular advice and left to form Facing New York with Frederic and Carranza in early 2004, adding bassist Brandon Canchola to complete the lineup. In the years since, the band has released a number of albums, EPs, and singles, and Fazzi and Carranza have left to pursue other musical interests.


Gavin Castleton
-From Portland, Oregon.
-Gavin Castleton is a Portland, OR musician/songwriter/producer originally from Providence, Rhode Island. Originally known for his work with Gruvis Malt as keyboardist and singer, Castleton has also released seven full length albums and five EPs. He has also released two full-length albums with action-adventure rock trio Ebu Gogo. 

Via Coma
Nic Gracia, Jesse Kyle, Rob Marshall.
-From Lafayette, California.
-Via Coma is an American rock band formed in 2009. The band created a logo to visually represent the name "Via Coma," which means "through endless sleep." It is frequently seen in both their marketing and merchandising, accompanying, or sometimes completely absent of the band's name.

In the summer of 2010, Via Coma began writing their first full-length album. The sound of the record is a depature as well as an expansion from the sound of Bridges, their first demo. Over the course of writing and recording, Via Coma developed a knack for strong craftmanship, melody, and sonic nuance: qualities you rarely hear in the same package.