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Wednesday March 25 2020
Show is postponed now, not canceled:
The Off With Their Heads show is now being postponed (not canceled) and it will be rescheduled for later this year, exact date as yet unknown —but possibly October if allowed by then. Your tickets will be transferred to the new date automatically unless you request a refund, which you can do at any time. Once it is rescheduled, we will let you know the new date, and you will still have one more opportunity at that time to request a refund if you cannot make the new date.

Wednesday March 25 2020
  8:00PM doors -- music at 8:30PM

 •••  ALL AGES
$16 in advance / $18 at the door
Off With Their Heads
 Genius-core alternative
Slingshot Dakota
 Indie Rock
Civil War Rust
 Punk Rock & Roll

Off With Their Heads 
Ryan Young
Kyle Manning
Robbie Swartwood
John Polydoros
-from Minneapolis, MN

- Off With Their Heads’ new album, Be Good, distinguishes itself from the rest of the band’s catalog with one very unique characteristic: It’s actually good. Frontman Ryan Young thinks so, anyway.
“It’s the first record I’ve ever made that I like,” laughs Young. “Because there was no reason to make it anything other than what I wanted it to be.”
The band has been relatively quiet over the last few years, largely because Young was tending to an ill family member who ultimately passed away last year. But through mourning came inspiration.
“She was a photographer, and at the wake were all these photos she took,” he remembers. One of those photos struck him immediately. It shows a Mennonite family enjoying a sunny day at the beach while an ominous cooling tower looms in the background. “I said: That’s gonna be the cover of the album that doesn’t exist yet.”
That photo captures the spirit of Be Good. While all of Off With Their Heads’ previous work shares a common thread of being rooted in Young’s fatalistic view of the world, Be Good at least allows a tiny glimmer of hope to peek through.
“All the other records were about moping around and feeling sorry for yourself,” says Young. “This one is less about feeling sorry for yourself and more about accepting how goddamn miserable you are.”
Forced acceptance is big theme of Be Good, though it’s a hard-learned one, often emerging in the form of primal screams in the band’s trademark style of gruff-punk. “Hands up to the sky and shout at the top of your lungs, til the floor falls out!” Young yells on the title track, sounding somewhere between motivational speaker and hard-nosed therapist.
Much of the self-deprecation that defined the band’s previous work has been adjusted. It was the years spent out of the van, developing a life at home in Chicago, that gave Young his newfound, slightly more positive perspective. “Not being on the road 250 days a year, actually trying to develop some sort of life outside of playing shows and drinking, you’d be surprised what that does,” he says. “I’ve lost a bunch of weight, I’ve been going to a gym every day, trying not to kill myself all the time.”
Young and the band members—bassist Robbie Smartwood, guitarist John Polydoros, and new drummer Kyle Manning—holed up for two and a half weeks at Pachyderm Studios, a mid-century mansion in Minnesota where Nirvana recorded In Utero, to make Be Good. Young produced the record himself, and it was the first time he enjoyed the process, or at least tolerated it. “I don’t like how the old records sound, and I hate recording so much,” he says. “You could just hear all the dumb shit on them where I was like, whatever, just let it go, I want to get out of here.”
Be Good will be released by Epitaph Records on August 16 and, if ever there was a time for Ryan Young’s distinct brand on cautious optimism, it’s now. “The title is an answer to that question of what you’re supposed to do now that the world is so awful and the climate of this stupid country is so shitty,” he says. “Be good, be loud—that’s sometimes all you can do, I guess, as cheesy as that sounds.”

Slingshot Dakota   
Carly Comando - keyboard and vox
Tom Patterson - drums and vox
-from Bethlehem, PA

-It doesn't seem possible that the fuzzed-out rhythms and walls of sound coming from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania could be produced by anything other than a fully-fledged guitar band.

But, all that noise, energy, and fun is the work of Carly Comando and Tom Patterson, the wife and husband duo who together make Slingshot Dakota the little band with the big sound. Combining a robust low-end with sweet and delicate melodies, Carly makes full use of her heavily effected keyboard while also providing vocals that are, in turn, sweet and polished or earnest and raw. Tom fills out the sonic middle ground with his drum kit, knowing just when to hold back, and when to let loose and whale away. It’s a little bit pop; it’s a little bit punk; but it’s 100% fun.

Civil War Rust 
Sean, Ryan, Gideon,
K.T. Lang, and Shrum
-from Oakland, CA

-Hi! We are Civil War Rust from Oakland. Things we enjoy... Pop Punk from the 90's, Burritos, Recording & Dive Bars from the 90's.

After their solid freshman album, "The Fun & The Lonely", CWR step things up with "Help Wanted" and deliver 10 new Bay Area punk classics. Recorded at both Studio Trilogy in San Francisco and Nu-Tone Studios in Pittsburg, CA the band shows great growth in their song writing and delivering short pop punk sing-alongs. With their sophomore release coming in at under 24 minutes, CWR keep it short and sweet. Mixing harmonies, a precise rhythm section and a unique resilience, this record will surely become a favorite amongst aging pop punk fans everywhere. "Help Wanted" was recorded/produced by esteemed engineer Willie Samuels (Broadway Calls, Enemy You, Pinhead Gunpowder).