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Saturday April 11 2020

Show canceled:
All advance tickets will get automatically refunded.

Saturday April 11 2020  
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM  
 •••  21 AND OVER
Manos Lindas
 experimental blues hip hop jazz metal rock
Doctor Striker
 Heavy Pop
Vincent Gargiulo National Park
 Art Rock, Alt-Punk, Kitsch Rock, Nü Muzak

Manos Lindas
from San Francisco, CA
-Manos Lindas is the product of what its name suggests. Blurring an array of genres and origins, each member contributes their individual hands for a collective sound that can't be pinpointed. San Francisco is a cultural melting pot and certain aspects of that culture are fading, natives would tell you. The heterogeneity, the color, the nerve, the beauty, and the edge: this is what Manos Lindas sounds like.

Doctor Striker
Paul Striker
Guinevere Q
Young Sun
Chris Meeder
-from Oakland, CA

-magining a sonic world that diverged from our own in 1991, Doctor Striker shreds and roars over heavy beats, guitar riffs, bass lines, and synth hooks. He brings the classical and punk worlds together with training and discipline to electronic pop to create a political, personal and incisively optimistic brand of music.

Doctor Striker's lyrics, brutally simple in the punk tradition, are inspired by his upbringing in recession-battered metro Detroit and subsequent life in Oakland, California. His formal training in economics and history at the University of Michigan bring an uncommon depth and historical context. Doctor Striker exclaims: "If you fight the man, you are the man If I'm rich, no one can touch me. / If I'm rich, I am the law. / But I'm poor, I don't care. / I am poor, I am free."

Doctor Striker teamed up with Guinevere Q, Will Xiong, and Young Sun for the live shows to create a full sensory, theatrical live experience. He crawls across the floor shredding and chanting while Guinevere plays the bass and climbs tables. Will fills the sound with his tones and Young Sun drives the drums.

Doctor Striker is celebratory and critical, insightful but ecstatic. By committing to a pop ethos, he avoids joining the half-baked rocker-philosopher tradition. Indeed, if Doctor Striker believes in anything, it's in the eternal truth of heavy riffs. Though he's not shy about his vision of utopia:

"Going in to work / We party till it hurts / Sleeping at the desk. / Dream, Party, Rest."

Vincent Gargiulo National Park
Vincent Gargiulo: Vocals, Keys /
Jasper Skydecker: Drums /
Ian Mesey: Bass /
Jeremy Greene: Sax, Keys /
Alisa Damaso: Vocals
-from Oakland, CA

-Weirdo Pop, Art Rock, Nü Muzak