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Sunday October 31 2021
 8:00PM doors -- music at 8:30PM
•••  21 AND OVER
The Mummies
 garage punk
Isaac Rother & The Phantoms
  Record release
 Ghoulish Rock N Roll
The Slow Poisoner
 surrealistic rock and roll
Big Nate   
 spinning: Good Thyme Music

The Mummies   
-from San Bruno, CA
-The Mummies are an American garage punk band formed in San Bruno, California, in 1988. Exhibiting a defiantly raw and lo-fi sound, dubbed "budget rock", the Mummies' rebellious attitude and distinctive performance costumes exerted a major influence on garage punk and garage rock revival acts later in the decade, as well as in the 1990s. Their recorded output was intentionally completed with poor, cheap equipment, including their first and only studio album Never Been Caught, which was released after the group's initial break-up. Since then, the Mummies have engaged in several positively-received reunion concerts and tours, including appearances in Europe and the US sporadically through to recent years. The band is currently working on a movie and will reconvene for live appearances again in 2021.

Isaac Rother & The Phantoms
-from Los Angeles, CA
-Isaac Rother & The Phantoms are the masters of Ghoulish Rock N Roll.  A style that unites wild Rock N’ Roll with mid-century Rhythm N’ Blues while adding an overlay of retro horror schlock.  Since forming in 2012 the cape wearing, afro’d Rother and his Phantoms have released of slew of EP’s, LP’s, cassette tapes, CDs and music videos to adoring fans all over the world.  Their music has taken them as far as Europe and many consider them to be one of the most exciting bands in the business.  Only time can tell what this thrilling group will accomplish.  If you are lucky enough to catch them live, you are in for an unforgettable performance that will leave you screaming for more!

The Slow Poisoner 
Andrew Goldfarb
-from San Francisco, CA

- The Slow Poisoner (alias Andrew Goldfarb) is a one man surrealistic singer-songwriter who hails from San Francisco and has been playing to audiences across America since 1996. He plays catchy, offbeat songs whose lyrical subjects include swamp witches, sinister flowers, strange hungers and giant worms that drive hot rods. Like a late night horror movie host or a creepy camp counselor, the Slow Poisoner invites the audience into a weird world of his own design. He displays paintings to accompany the music and puts on a theatrical performance inspired by the morbid humor of predecessors such as Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Brother Theodore, Tom Lehrer and The Cramps.

The Slow Poisoner started out as the leader of a five piece band, "The Slow Poisoners," named after a chapter in Charles Mackay's 1854 book "Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds" which detailed a murderous fad among 17th century European wives. Over the course of ten years the group slowly became thinner and thinner as the other members disappeared; eventually an apparition of an eight-fisted cephalopod (the Rocktopus) instructed Andrew to go it alone, and since 2005 that is what he has done, touring across the country and playing venues that range from libraries to science fiction conventions, beauty parlors and laundromats.

Big Nate