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HOW TO BUY TICKETSYou can purchase advance tickets online by clicking the BUY TICKETS ONLINE button on our calendar page (for the date you want) or you can generally also just buy tickets to a show at the door on the night of that show when doors open, which is usually at 8:30PM unless otherwise noted. Unless the show has already sold out by then, that is.
Advance tickets can usually be purchased online until 60 minutes or so before doors open for that show.

Important Ticket Order Information:
BUY TICKETS ONLINEWhen you first sign in to buy advance tickets, sign in with the name that you want on the Will Call list.
In a later step in the purchasing process, you will be able to enter different billing information for payment, if you wish. For instance, if you are buying tickets for someone else, you first sign in with that person's name, and you can still use your own billing information for payment.

Your name on the Will Call list is matched to your valid photo ID to gain admittance.
The name that you sign in with is the name that will be on the Will Call list and it is the name that will have to match the name on the ID of the person claiming that ticket at the door.

Only the person whose name is on the Will Call list can claim the tickets (or that person can let someone else claim the tickets by showing a copy of that person's ID; the ID must match the name on the list)
For security reasons, one can not just say somebody's name (or show a note) and claim somebody else's tickets. Instead, the person picking up the tickets must be the same as the name that is on the Will Call list or must show a copy of the ID of the person whose name is on the list.
Name changes are allowed, though.
To learn how to request name changes, click more info, or scroll down.

All advance tickets purchased online are Will Call only.
No actual tickets are mailed and there is nothing to print out either.
If you have bought advance tickets online under your name, your name will be on a Will Call list at the door on the night of the show. All that you will need to gain entrance is your ID.

All sales are final and non-refundable
except if the headliner or the whole show cancels.

All advance ticket sales are final and non-refundable regardless of the reason, which includes accidentally buying tickets to the wrong show or buying tickets to a show for a date you will not be able to attend, whether due to a work schedule conflict or a family emergency or other. Tickets are also non-switchable to another date, even in those instances when a band plays two nights in a row.
However, name changes to the Will Call list are allowed. (see next paragraph)

For details on refunds and cancellations, please read our refund /cancellation policies

Name changes to the Will Call list
Name changes to the Will Call list are allowed and it is a very easy process. It is done by emailing us in advance and requesting a name change.  
But only the person who purchased the tickets or whose name is on the Will Call list can initiate such a request. Said person can email us
at asking to change the name at Will Call from his name to a different name. Then, the Will Call list is edited with the new name, and that person will now only need his/her valid photo ID to claim the ticket(s) and be allowed in.
Name change requests must be done prior to the same day of the show in question.
No name changes will be accepted on the same day of the show. Any name change requests must have been received and confirmed by the day prior the show is to take place.

What to do if at last moment you cannot make it to the show but would like someone else to use your tickets:
For the lists to be edited with a new name, all name change requests must be received and confirmed by the day prior to the date of the show, at the latest. If done that way, then the new person's name is already on the list and therefore that person only needs his/her own ID to claim the tickets and gain admittance. For same-day name changes, as the lists then are already at the club and the tickets are still under the original name, the way it works is that they need the original buyer or original buyer's ID in order to release the tickets to someone else.
If on day of: if you cannot make it to claim your tickets at the door yourself, then whoever you want to be able to use your tickets will need to show your ID (or a copy of it, at least) along with their own ID for our doorstaff to release the tickets to them.
If before the day of show: You can email us to have somebody's name on the Will Call list instead of yours and we will edit the list with the new name.

If buying tickets for a group of people:
For each order, one should always buy the number of tickets equal to the number of people that will go to the show together. If someone in the group is going at a different time, one should purchase those as a separate order (and they can be purchased using that person's name as the name for the Will Call list; you can still use your own name and credit card info for billing).
In the event that all were planning on going together to a show but at last moment it turns out that someone in the group is not there at the same time as the rest, it is still ok as long as the person whose name is on the list is there first. He can then just let the doorperson know that a member of that party is coming later and the doorperson can make a note of that and then let that person in when he/she gets there.

Online ticket sales are through Stubmatic.
If you have any questions regarding advance tickets or about tickets you already purchased, contact us directly at
Methods of Payment for advance tickets online:
You may pay with any of the major credit card types: Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover.

No Paypal account is needed to purchase tickets:
Paypal is merely the financial institution that processes the credit card payments but you do not need a Paypal account in order to purchase tickets. You can simply use your credit card in the same way you do when you buy anything online.
If you do not want to use Paypal, when it asks you to log in, instead just click on "Don't have a Paypal account - Continue with Pay with credit card".  As seen highlighted in this picture:
No Paypal account is needed to purchase tickets

Refund and Cancellation Policies:
All sales are final and non-refundable except in the event of a show being cancelled.
Any fees are non-refundable. If refunds apply to any tickets purchased, only the face value of the ticket purchased is refundable, not any fees associated with it.
In the event that a show gets cancelled, customer will automatically get a full refund of the face value of the ticket. If a show gets rescheduled to a new date, customer's original transaction will be applied to the new date. If customer opts to not attend the show at the rescheduled date, customer can ask for a refund.
(See contact info at the bottom of this page)
Refunds must be requested within 14 days of the date change or customer forfeits rights to refund.
Please note that changes on support or opening bands do not qualify for refunds. Only if the headliner changes, customer is entitled to refunds. Otherwise, all sales are final.
For some events, two (or more) of the bands are considered headliners and the description of the event will state that. If so, customer is entitled to refunds when either or all of the headlining acts change or cancel.
Changes about door times or start times for the opening and support bands do not entitle to refunds as long as the start time for the headlining act(s) remains within an hour of the originally scheduled time.
Finally, changes about age restriction only entitle to refunds if the restriction narrows. For example, a show that is originally All Ages and then becomes 21+ entitles the customer to get a refund if that change prohibits the person to attend the show. If a show is originally 21+ and then becomes All Ages, no refund is warranted because the restriction widened.
Customer must contact us within 14 days of the change or customer forfeits rights to refund. (See contact info at the bottom of this page)
The criteria to apply refund rules when changes to a show have occurred is dependant on when the customer purchased the tickets. If customer purchases tickets to a show after those changes already occurred, no refund is warranted.

Please note that it is the purchaser's sole responsibility to ensure that a show's age restriction (if any) does not prevent customer to attend the show. No refunds are warranted if customer had purchased tickets but customer is not allowed into venue due to customer being underage.
Likewise, customer is responsible for entering the correct information, such as the correct name for the Will Call list. The name on the Will Call list is matched to customer's valid photo ID in order to allow customer to gain entrance.
For instance, if one entered one's first name as one's last name and viceversa and as a result that person's name could not be found on the Will Call list at the door, that would be due to customer's mistake and it would not in any case entitle to refunds.
Lack of proper identification causing customer not to be able to enter venue is also customer's fault and does not entitle to refunds.

Privacy Policy:

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Our Commitment To Your Privacy.
Your privacy is important. To better protect your privacy the following notice explains the information we collect and how it is used, and how to contact us if you have any concerns.

What Information Is Collected:
As part of the order process, the following information may be collected: Name, Shipping/Billing Address, Email address, Phone number, Credit/Debit Card Information.

How That Information Is Used:
The information we collect is only used to fill orders, to contact buyers if they have questions, issue refunds if needed, or to send email with special event news.

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